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Often despite best efforts a full upper or lower denture can never recreate the comfort and stability of our natural teeth. Lower dentures in particular can be prone to working loose when talking or eating.

Implant retained overdentures provide a relatively simple and long term solution. By placing just two implants for the lower jaw and 4 for the upper, the dentures can be anchored down, given back confidence. The dentures are rigidly held firm even when eating and because the treatment is simple the cost are considerably less than a fixed implant supported bridge. Most people opt to just have the lower denture treated.

It may be your existing denture can be used reducing the overall costs. Over time, however our mouths subtly change shape and as such a new set may be preferable in order to ensure maximum comfort.

The implants are placed under local anaesthetic and usually treatment is complete after just 3 months.

Naturally there are some key areas we need to check to assess suitability but in most cases these are satisfied.

If you have a set of dentures and you are concerned about the moving when eating and talking, then implant overdentures may be the solution.

An initial implant assessment is required (£85), which includes the necessary investigative x-rays and impressions.


Typical overdenture cost - £3800

Inclusive of implant assessment, x-rays, models and laboratory work.