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Dental Anxiety
Step by step solutions - listening to your concerns.

Today’s dentistry profits from a wealth of technical advances and it is now possible to carry out dental procedures pain free.

Naturally there remains a common undertone of anxiety, be it the fear of the unknown or the invasion of personal space. For some a fear of the dentist reaches an intensity, which can only be described as a phobia.

Toothache can be severe, at times savage, and many of us seek out the dentist only when such pain presents. We often make an association of dental pain with a dental visit. The truth is the opposite, such visits grant pain relief and overcome the symptoms.

All dentists are trained in techniques to help patients cope with anxiety, but these techniques need to be maintained and given time to work. An effective approach is to start with simple treatments, and build up confidence step by step. There is no substitute for listening. By listening to your concerns and expectations we can tailor a treatment plan to meet your needs and the pace you wish to move at.

You’ll find all our staff friendly and professional and prepared to answer any concerns or questions you may have. Our waiting room is relaxed and free of marketing jargon and intrusive dental videos.

Dr Louise Conway takes a particular interest in helping overcome dental anxiety. She has completed postgraduate training in relaxation and hypnosis techniques. By employing these skills within her dental care, Louise is able to put at ease your fears and anxiety and build up confidence in dentistry.
For many, a trip to the dentist is not the highlight of the calendar - a legacy of negative experiences passed down over the generations.